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A highly sophisticated golf handicapper and game tool, that gives the Golfer powerful analytical and statistical reports on all games played on any golf course worldwide.

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Over 160 Million Golf Rounds are played in Europe, Middle East & Africa.
(KPMG's Golf Advisory Practice. Golf Benchmark Survey 2008 for Europe, the Middle East and Africa 18/12/2008).

Players’ membership status and handicaps are mainly managed by individual clubs and, in general, control procedures for handicap maintenance and updates are done manually with spreadsheets or stand alone programs.

Few countries have national handicap/club member identification systems, which create problems when players play at other clubs in proving handicap ratings, valid membership, affiliation and the like.

For those golfers who travel overseas, additional documentation needs to be obtained from the club in order to prove membership and handicap.

Golferscard addresses these issues and provides players, clubs, unions and associations with a sophisticated on-line real-time system, employing the latest design technology based on smart card, Web, internet connectivity, mobile and TV to meet the new demands in the sport. The Golferscard system caters for CONGU, USGA, EGA and SA handicapping rules.

By utilizing the latest technology and concepts, Golferscard is ideally positioned to establish a countrywide central golf system that will enhance the golf experience for the golfer and provide clubs, equipment manufacturers, advertisers and related industries a powerful platform to market their services.

The Golferscard modules include accounting, member registers, tournament control, bookings and green fees, handicapping, Point of Sale, meaningful statistics and golfer peer review. It includes sophisticated targeted advertising platforms which will form a major income source.

Golfers can access their information at club terminal, internet browser, cell phone or TV (optional, depending on country). They will carry their golf member status and handicap with them electronically, wherever they go.


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